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Our 70 Year Journey

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The world has changed a lot since this picture and so has the Edmonton area, the community of Leduc and our dealership.
Did you know we are approaching a big anniversary? We will be searching for pictures, stories and memorabilia of our journey and sharing them with you along the way over the next year.
Be part of our 70 year journey as the 'No-Hassles, No-Nonsense' local dealership since 1952.
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How you turn dead dinosaurs into diesel fuel

Alright, so let's just start this off right by admitting to those of you out there with backgrounds in paleontology, petrology, or any interest in the science of how and, more importantly, which period fossil fuels originate from and state that, yes, it's true, you're not really driving around a vehicle powered by dinosaur bones.

I know, we're disappointed too.

Right, now that we've allowed it to soak in, we should go forward and give you the breakdown of how the fossil fuels that amount to an outstanding 90% of the world's energy source…

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4 Things You Didn't Know About Leduc

Leduc, Alberta

4 - It Is One of the Fastest Growing Cities in the Area

Leduc was incorporated as a village back on December 15, 1899 and has seen its share of population expansions and bubbles over the years. 

While one may look at the impressive feat of moving from village status in 1899 to town status in 1906, as a feat at the time, for certain, the fact that it wasn't until 1983 that the town was updated to city status shows the slow incline and population growth. This is further shadowed by the fact that Leduc saw 11,600 citizens…

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