Customer Satisfaction Matters to Us

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At Leduc Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram you'll find a different dealership experience. Since we opened our doors in 1952 we've had one thought in mind: treat every customer with the same respect and attention that we would offer to our friends and family. After 70 years of serving the people of Leduc, Edmonton and the surrounding Alberta communities, we know that was the right decision.

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We are proud to be named the 2021 Dodge Dealer of Canada by Dealer Rater. Find out how we can help you and be a part of our 70 year journey as your…
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It's time to upgrade your work vehicles! Lock in the best deal on in-stock and factory units and receive maximum trade-in dollars due to the massive inventory shortages occurring.
Did you know that you can lock in the current incentives including discounts, rebates and interest rates on a factory order? Did you know that if those offers improve when your vehicle lands you can chose the better incentives?

Contact us today to see how we can help you!
Be part of our 70 year journey as your 'No-Hassles, No-Nonsense' local dealership since 1952.
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Our 70 Year Journey

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The world has changed a lot since this picture and so has the Edmonton area, the community of Leduc and our dealership.
Did you know we are approaching a big anniversary? We will be searching for pictures, stories and memorabilia of our journey and sharing them with you along the way over the next year.
Be part of our 70 year journey as the 'No-Hassles, No-Nonsense' local dealership since 1952.
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2019 Pre-Owned Dodge Vehicles that Can Still Pack a Punch


Dodge is well known for building cars that offer plenty of performance and features for a highly attractive price. And affordable as new Dodge models can be, when you buy used you'll get even more car for your money. Here are just some of the excellent 2019 pre-owned Dodge vehicles we have in our Leduc dealership inventory.


Dodge Grand Caravan 







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Raptor-fighting 2021 Rebel TRX pickup Review

There's a new truck ready to hit the market soon, and it's going to give the Ford Raptor a fight for its standing. If you are in the market for a dazzling new truck, then the 2021 Ram 1500 Rebel TRX is the ideal choice for you. A pick-up truck is a great choice for people who want to have added room to haul supplies or just like the feel of a truck. The Ram 1500 Rebel TRX also has plenty of towing power. Let's take a look at the Ram 1500 Rebel TRX Concept.
Ram 1500…
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2020 Jeep Cherokee Review: Should I Buy?

The size of the compact SUV market means there's a model to suit almost any buyer. Whether you're looking for a luxurious family carrier that tears up the highway or a super-compact car for easy city driving, there'll be a crossover out there for you.
However, when it comes to genuine off-road excellence that's true to the roots of the Sport Utility Vehicle, then there's a little less choice in today's Canadian market. One potential option is the 2020 Jeep Cherokee. Should you buy it?
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Chrysler engines from 1969 ranked: the 426 Hemi, LA 340, and 440 Six Pack

We all know that when it comes to Chrysler there's always been a commitment to engine quality and innovation for their vehicles - from the experimental semi-successes of self-developed models in the vein of the Chrysler turbine engine, straight through to collaborative efforts that include the advancements towards the modern Hemi engine - there's certainly a variety of technological promises that stand above and beyond when you take even a cursory glance at the Chrysler engine catalogue.

The 426 Hemi: The Elephant


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How you turn dead dinosaurs into diesel fuel

Alright, so let's just start this off right by admitting to those of you out there with backgrounds in paleontology, petrology, or any interest in the science of how and, more importantly, which period fossil fuels originate from and state that, yes, it's true, you're not really driving around a vehicle powered by dinosaur bones.

I know, we're disappointed too.

Right, now that we've allowed it to soak in, we should go forward and give you the breakdown of how the fossil fuels that amount to an outstanding 90% of the world's energy source…

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Why Diesel Trucks are a Good Option

Why You Should Choose A Diesel Truck

How many times have you found yourself considering what you might be able to do with a diesel-powered truck? If it's more than a couple - perhaps it's time to actually give it a go and find yourself a vehicle that has the features and the capabilities to make a real difference day-to-day and job-to-job. The question people generally have, especially those who haven't driven diesel-powered trucks in the past is: do diesel engines really make a difference if we do a side-by-side comparison?


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