Fix Your Credit

We have seen a lot since 1952 and we understand that life has unexpected challenges. The health of your credit rating is directly related to the steps you take to build and maintain your credit standing. Let us use our experience to help you navigate some of your challenges, choices and help you take the next steps to improve your situation!

Are you Credit Challenged?

If you are credit challenged with a prior bankruptcy, credit proposal or loan default we can help you get a vehicle loan.

Are you Paying Too Much on your Vehicle Loan?

If you are paying too much in interest or have too high of a monthly payment on your vehicle loan we can help you get more for your money and stay in your budget.

Are you Self-Employed?

If you are Self-employed, have Contract work, or work in a commission based position we can help you get a competitive vehicle loan.

You can get more for your money and have a better vehicle loan. The first step is to contact us!


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