Finance Centre

Our Finance Managers are professionals that pride themselves on helping you find the best options and take the best steps to establishing, building and maintaining your credit. They work for you, just like a mortgage broker, to get you the best possible loan rate for your new or used vehicle. Their relationships with multiple lenders means that they can provide you with better options and better choices.

If you feel like you are paying too much interest on your current loan they can see what your options are for a new loan on a new vehicle. We have helped many of our clients upgrade to a newer vehicle without increasing their payment.

If you are credit challenged, self-employed or have commission based income our team can help ensure you get the possible rate on your loan and help you take steps to build better credit.

Get Expert Friendly Advice

Our Finance Managers work for you, just like a mortgage broker, to get you the best possible loan rate for your new or used vehicle and work with multiple lenders so that you have better options available to you.

Flexible Financing & Leasing Options

Most of us know our Financing options but Leasing a vehicle is a great alternative and has potential tax advantages. If you have a company or are self-employed this is an option you may want to explore. We're here to help you by going over every option clearly, and will find the right plan for you.

Special Offers & Incentives

Let us help you find the right vehicle at the right price and financed or leased at the best possible rate available to you!

Leduc Chrysler Finance Centre in Leduc, AB

If you've set your sights on a model from our varied inventory, Leduc Chrysler's Finance Centre can simplify your next lease or purchase with flexible terms, whether you're based in our home of Leduc, Edmonton, Beaumont, Calmar, or Millet, AB. Find out how our seasoned professionals can help you get to the wheel of your dream model with a personalized agreement below.

Financing a Vehicle

Auto financing is ideal for those who'd like to own their vehicle outright. Luckily, our Finance Centre can offer you accommodating terms and competitive rates for a purchase that's tailored to your needs and financial situation. By financing your next vehicle with a personalized payment plan, you'll build equity in your car without breaking your bank and maintain your credit score, and once your payments are completed, the vehicle will be yours and only yours.

Leasing a Car

Leasing is not only a great option for those who like treating themselves to a new model every few years, it also offers potential tax advantages, especially if you're self-employed or the owner of a company. Our staff will gladly go over all our available leasing options so you can leave Leduc Chrysler with a tailor-made agreement, and you'll also take the wheel knowing your new vehicle will be covered under factory warranty throughout your term.

Re-establishing Credit

It takes credit to rebuild credit, and if your rating needs improving, you're self-employed, or your income is commission-based, we at Leduc Chrysler can help. Auto loans are a common and reliable way of getting your credit score back where it needs to be, and our team will help you obtain the best possible rate for your loan so you can be on the way to improving your rating with a clear head.

You can get rolling on the financing process before visiting us with our online financing application, and if you'd like to sell your trade-in before treating yourself to your dream model, you can obtain an instant cash offer on your current vehicle once you've appraised it through our online service. For more on our leasing and financing options or an appointment with our capable team, contact us at Leduc Chrysler today.

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