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"Change your oil once every 5000 kilometres" used to be the conventional wisdom, and while some might argue about frequency, no one can deny that keeping an eye on your oil levels is key to a long-lasting, reliable car. The fact is that thanks to advanced engineering and tighter tolerances, today's cars can go far further between changes - with some vehicles rated for up to 16000 kilometres in between synthetic oil changes. But manufacturers are a very long way from developing a frictionless engine, so getting your oil changed regularly is just as important as ever.

Why not stop by Leduc Chrysler for your next oil change? It isn't just Greater Edmonton's premier dealership for both new and used vehicles; it's a state-of-the-art automotive service center, ready to keep your car, truck, van, or SUV running like new for years to come. Give us a call and schedule your vehicle's next maintenance, and ask about our service specials - you'll be glad you did!

But for all you've heard about how important oil changes are, have you ever wondered what they actually do? Indulge your curiosity and read on for a taste of Leduc Chrysler's automotive expertise.

Oil Change in Leduc, AB

Take A Look Inside

At the most basic level, the internal combustion engine transforms chemical energy - in the form of igniting gasoline, which releases temperature and pressure - into useful motion, in the form of a consistently turning crankshaft. Now, there are hundreds of moving parts in even the simplest car's engine, and every single component needs to move in perfect harmony to deliver power where you need it, when you want it. Even with today's best computer-aided machining techniques, not every engine part fits perfectly with every other - and that's actually a good thing, because of friction.

Leduc Oil Change

Fight Engine Deterioration

Without adequate oil, even the best-designed engines can suffer serious damage from friction, heat, and corrosion. Motor oil fills in the gaps between components, allowing each of them to move smoothly and safely from the second you turn the key. Oil also helps keep your engine cool, supplementing the work of the radiator. The newer the oil, the better it's able to reduce friction, corrosion, wear, and waste - saving you money on gas in the short term and major repairs in the long term. Keeping your car's oil fresh is one of the easiest and most cost-effective forms of preventative maintenance that you can do - and the service team at Leduc Chrysler is eager to help! We look forward to offering you the experience and the results that turn you from a one-stop customer to a lifelong member of the Leduc Chrysler driving family - unless, of course, you're one already! In which case, you'll already know all about our superior commitment to providing exceptional service.

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No matter what you drive, and no matter how you drive it, your vehicle is an important part of your daily life. So don't take any chances with its long-term maintenance - trust it to the professionals at Leduc Chrysler. Find out more about our service center here on the Web, visit the dealership at 6102 46a Street in Leduc, or get in touch with the sales team at 1 (888) 857-6025. From routine maintenance to precision repair work, from new vehicles to reliable classics - no matter what your needs are, we'll be glad to help! Have a great day and know that when you choose to work with Leduc Chrysler you're making a decision that comes with peace of mind!

Oil Change in Leduc, AB