Winter Maintenance Tips

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Tips For Winterizing Your Vehicle

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Get New Wiper Blades

After the summer and its multiple rainy days, you will want to consider switching your wiper blades to prepare for winter driving. It would be best to look for winter-specific wiper blades that are engineered to operate in colder temperatures and have special rubber that handles icy windshields.

Change Engine Oil & Filter

Your vehicle’s engine requires lubrication to operate smoothly, efficiently, and optimally, making it vital to get an oil change before winter starts. With the colder temperatures, old oil will struggle to lubricate the internal components of your engine, resulting in reduced lubricated and increased fuel consumption.

Check Fluids Condition & Levels

Multiple fluids keep your vehicle’s vital systems operating properly, which you should check to ensure their condition is adequate and that all fluid levels are proper. Before winter, you should check your vehicle’s brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid.

Install Winter Tires

Driving during winter without winter tires can present an array of avoidable challenges, so make sure to purchase a winter tire set and install it before winter brings snow, slush, and ice. Winter tires will maximize your vehicle’s winter performance by enhancing traction and control, allowing you to navigate confidently.

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