Spring Car Maintenance Tips From Leduc Chrysler

Spring Car Maintenance Tips From Leduc Chrysler

Now that spring has arrived, it's time to prepare your automobile for the next road trip and warmer weather. You can get all the springtime auto maintenance you need at Leduc Chrysler from our service department. Here are some suggestions for keeping your car in excellent condition this season.


Although winter tires are made for cold and snowy weather, they might wear out more quickly and impair your vehicle's fuel efficiency on dry roads. Switch to all-season or summer tires as soon as the temperatures stay warm. Regularly checking your tire pressure is essential to ensure proper vehicle handling.

Car Detailing

Your automobile deserves a thorough cleaning both inside and out after a long winter of accumulated salt, sand, and dirt. A thorough wash and wax will shield your vehicle from corrosion and rust. Clean the engine compartment and the underside, where debris can collect and harm the vehicle. Deodorize the inside using an air freshener, antibacterial cleanser, or wipes.

Lights and Wiper Blade

It's possible that the ice and snow took a toll on your wipers, causing them to deteriorate. Damaged wipers can damage your windscreen and reduce vision. Substitute fresh ones that can withstand the spring showers. Examine each of your lights, and change any burned-out bulbs or fuses. Your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road depend on proper lighting.

Regular Checkups and Maintenance

A checkup at our Service Centre in the spring is recommended. Our qualified mechanics will check and maintain your engine's oil, coolant, batteries, belts, hoses, brakes, suspension, filters, spark plugs, and wires. They will also make essential repairs or replacements to keep your car operating smoothly and effectively. Contact us at Leduc Chrysler today to schedule an appointment for your spring car maintenance needs.