Spring Tire Maintainence


Spring Tire Maintenance

Through our Online Tire Store at Leduc Chrysler, you can find various tire models to meet your driving needs and your budget. The Service department features a 2-lane service drive-through and a 13-bay shop that can accommodate almost any size car, truck and SUV. If you have any questions, our friendly knowledgeable staff is here to help.

Spring Tire Swaps

With the winter months ending and spring temperatures rising, it’s a good time to consider switching your winter tires for your all-season or summer tire set to maintain optimal traction and reduce tire wear. Winter tires perform poorly in hot temperatures, and their soft rubber compound gets worn out much quicker, making it a good idea to switch your tires. If you have two sets of tires and only one set of rims, you will want to get your tires mounted properly and have them balanced to avoid vibrations.

Importance Of Spring Tire Maintenance

Keeping up with tire maintenance during spring will ensure that you enjoy a safe and reliable commute without interruptions. On top of keeping up with the regularly scheduled maintenance, you will want to consider having a tire rotation every other oil change to even out the wear on your tire set. It’s best to evenly wear out a tire set and replace all of its four tires at once to have even traction between wheels and predictable handling through various driving situations. During spring maintenance, you might want to check your vehicle’s alignment, wash away any salt on the body and underbody, replace worn-out wiper blades, and attend to check engine lights or issues.

Why You Should Swap Your Tires This Spring at Leduc Chrysler

Did you know that using winter tires in the spring and summer can increase your expenses and put your safety in danger? Winter tires are made to function well in ice, snow, and cold weather but less so in hot, dry, and wet weather. They affect how you handle and brake on smooth roads, wear out more quickly, and impair your fuel efficiency.

Changing your tires this spring at Leduc Chrysler, your hassle-free dealer in Leduc, AB, would be best. The best tire manufacturers, like Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, and others, provide a wide variety of summer and all-season tires at our dealership. Additionally, we offer a cutting-edge Service Centre with qualified specialists who can quickly and expertly install your new tires. In addition, we provide free delivery throughout Alberta, affordable rates, and a convenient shuttle service. Don’t put off changing your tires until it is too late. Schedule your appointment with Leduc Chrysler right now to start enjoying the advantages of having the right tires for the weather.

How to Choose the Right Tires for Your Vehicle and Driving Conditions

Your safety, comfort, and performance on the road can be affected by selecting the right tires for your car and the road conditions. However, how can you tell which tires are right for you? Keep your vehicle type in mind. Depending on a vehicle’s size, weight, power, and design, different tires may be needed. To determine your vehicle’s required tire size and specs, check your owner’s manual or speak with our professionals at Leduc Chrysler.

Consider your driving style. How you drive also affects what kind of tires you need. If you drive primarily on highways or city streets, you may want tires with good traction, stability, and fuel efficiency. If you drive off-road or on rough terrain, you may wish for more durable tires, puncture resistance, and grip. If you drive in different weather conditions or seasons, you may want tires that adapt to changing road surfaces and temperatures.

Depending on where you live and how frequently you drive, you may require one or more sets of tires to correspond to the seasons and road conditions. We at Leduc Chrysler can assist you in selecting the perfect tires for your requirements and price range.

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