The Used Car Struggle is real!

The Used Car Struggle is real

If you have been looking for a used vehicle recently you have noticed a few things:

  • there is not much out there
  • the prices are much higher than we have ever seen before
  • the overall quality of the used vehicles available has declined drastically

The ongoing microchip shortages that plagued the auto manufacturing industry continue.  That has resulted in a prolonged shortage of new vehicles.  The short-term solution for most auto dealerships was to buy and sell used vehicles.  The long-term consequence is that many people are choosing to keep their vehicles longer until they can find a new vehicle and used vehicle inventory is at an all time low.

Supply and demand seems to be part of the recent inflation we are seeing in our marketplace.  This is especially true with used vehicles.  Prices have increased by 20-30% on used vehicles over the last 2 years as the supply has decreased.  The current market reflects an all time high for used vehicle prices and that has encouraged individuals to try and capitalize on this.  The market is full of vehicles with outstanding service issues, reconditioned older vehicles, Re-certified Salvage or Rebuilt Status vehicles and vehicles with questionable histories.

Buyer Beware PSA (Public Service Announcement)

  • Get a Carfax report and be aware of discrepancies in recorded mileage.  There have been many reports of mileage tampering on used vehicles over the past year.
  • Try to get the maintenance history of the vehicle and/or get a mechanical inspection to ensure there are no outstanding mechanical or maintenance issues
  • Try to get as much information on the history of the vehicle as possible.  As an example, vehicles that have been parked for extended periods of time will need additional preventative maintenance to avoid potential mechanical issues in the future.
  • Understand what a “Rebuilt Status” and Salvage vehicle are and the risks in buying one.
  • Ensure you get all information for the Bill of Sale including the sellers Driver's License.

In the end our dealership may be the 'No-Hassle, No Nonsense' alternative you are looking for.  We do all the due diligence and work for you to ensure you get a quality used vehicle from us.  We thoroughly review the Carfax and history of the vehicle, do a mechanical inspection and complete all necessary repairs, provide an AMVIC inspection report, and we can provide optional supplemental extended warranty (where applicable).

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