Things to be Aware of When Buying a Used Vehicle

Buying a used vehicle is an excellent option for those looking for a modern, quality car on a budget. Nowadays, buying used is much easier and more transparent than it once was. Cars are built to last longer, servicing and maintenance are documented, and the vehicle’s history can be found with a simple search of the VIN. However, if you’re looking to purchase a used car, there are still some things you should consider before handing over the cash. Keep reading to learn more! Then, browse our used inventory to find your next favorite model here at Leduc Chrysler Ltd.

Find Out What the Car is Worth

The first thing you should do when deciding to buy a used car is pick out which make and model suits your priorities. Once you’ve decided on that, you should research what that make and model usually goes for to know if you’re getting overcharged, paying the average price, or getting a good deal. You can always try to negotiate the price, and knowing what the vehicle usually goes for will give you more leverage.

Perform a Test Drive

Once you find the model within your budget at a reasonable price, you should test drive the vehicle to ensure there are no issues. A 30-minute test drive is essential and will allow enough time to evaluate the vehicle’s condition. Perform familiar actions to ensure everything is working as it should be. Hit the brakes, reverse, park, take a corner, accelerate, merge, change lanes, and test all the buttons and knobs.

Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Once your chosen vehicle passes a 30-minute test drive and everything is working correctly, you should bring it to a trusted mechanic to perform a pre-purchase inspection. A mechanic can check a car’s cosmetic, mechanical, and safety conditions to ensure everything is working optimally. With this inspection, they can pinpoint any current or possible future issues the vehicle may have.

Ask Questions

Asking good questions is essential in the used car sale to ensure you get what you are looking for. Ask why they are selling the car (if it is a private sale), how many previous owners there have been, the accident history, and the service and maintenance schedule for the vehicle. You can also ask for certified documentation about the car, like a CARFAX or history report.